How to Clean Vinyl Siding


If you the exteriors of your home are starting to look dirty and started forming fungus or algae, then you should get a pressure washer either for your own use permanently or rent one. The process is very simple, you need to have a one of the best gas pressure washers with some variable angle spray nozzles, hose, multi-use soap concrete and some towels. The frequency of cleaning that might be required for a vinyl siding or the house exteriors is usually once a year. Before you start the cleaning process it is important to check the condition of the exteriors that you are about to clean, because if there is even a slightest crack or loose fittings then it might get damaged during cleaning. Thus you need to know the sensitive areas that you are going to be cleaning, thus you can be cautious and avoid causing damage to the exteriors. Before you start the cleaning process also remember to water the plantation or garden that is around the exteriors. This is needed to ensure that the soap water don’t get absorbed by the plants and cause damage to the plantation. Once you are done watering the plants then you can fill in the soap concentrate into the pressure washer. And to clean the exteriors you need to use a wider angle spray nozzle, the best angle for soft exteriors is a 60-degree wide angle spray nozzle. Read more on gas pressure washers:

Once you are done with setting up the nozzle then you can spray the soap on to the exteriors and let it say on the exteriors for few minutes and then start the pressure washer with a lesser pressure rating and gently spray the water on top of the vinyl sidings. Always avoid the junctions and joints, thus you don’t end up causing crack or damaging them permanently. Once you are done with one round of washing let it dry for few minutes, because the sidings and exteriors will be very fragile when they are wet. Thus ensure that you don’t do too much of spraying when the object is wet. After few minutes of drying you can start the process again with spraying of the soap first and then gently rinsing with the water. Always remember to go for a residential grade pressure washer and for this cleaning process, an electrical pressure washer is more suited than a gas pressure washer. Because, a gas pressure washer is too powerful and it might be very hard to handle while we are trying to clean fragile structures. But an electrical pressure washer is designed for washing delicate objects. You can also use it for cleaning garden furniture, vehicles and your exteriors too. They are easy to use and handle as well as they have less maintenance requirements. The gas pressure washers have a close connection to fuel and if the right fuel is not filled and used, it might cause a permanent damage to the pressure washer which is very risky. Also the electrical has less chances of getting damaged also they are designed for once in a while use which is perfect for residential usage. So go through the user manuals and videos and then you will understand which pressure washer suits your cleaning requirements.